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How do I open ARW files?

ARW files

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ARW files are Sony Digital Camera Image files used to save digital photographs. The ARW format is based on the TIFF specification. The ARW file is the digital version of a film negative as it contains raw, uncompressed image data. ARW data is captured by the camera's Charged Couple Device (CCD) sensors. Since the CCD on Sony cameras differ from each other, the raw data captured by two different Sony camera models may store data in different formats. The ARW file format can be adjusted by File Viewer Lite as well as exported to common raster formats such as JPEG and TIFF.

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File Viewer Lite is a free .ARW file opener that allows you to view the raw image. In addition to the Sony Digital Camera Image file, File Viewer Lite can open over 150 file types, including Digital Negative Image files, Canon Raw Image files, MPEG-4 Audio files, Microsoft Word Documents, and more. You can also view unsupported proprietary document formats in the program's Text and Hex Views. These views display the contents of the document, which can provide useful information.

To view your ARW files, download our free file viewer and drag and drop the .ARW file onto the program window. File Viewer Lite will open the file and display the document.

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